Learning with Saba Mahmood
“she focused on describing the radical particularity of women’s piety”
(April 2018)

How Muslim Women Use Fashion to Exert Political Influence
“the rebellious potential of an apparently conservative style”
(February 2018)

How Iranian Women Turn “Pious Fashion” into Under-the-Radar Dissent
“by personalizing headscarves and painting their toes,
they challenge the state’s power to define female morality”
(February 2018)

Islamic Style Is Showing up on Catwalks, in Mainstream Stores
and on Non-Muslim Women

“modesty is spreading because of the tremendous style success
of young Muslim women”
(October 2017)

Pious Fashion: Designing Modern Muslim Citizens
“pious fashion was required (Iran), regulated (Indonesia), or banned (Turkey),
as the state pondered what forms of Islam and modernity it wanted
to promote or suppress”
(October 2017)

How Muslim Women Dress
“when we try to read clothing in other cultures, we often make mistakes because we base our interpretations on our own aesthetic and moral assumptions”
(August 2017)

What Does Caitlyn Jenner Have to Do with Enhancing Life?
“at the core of both trans-activism and trans-phobia is a commitment
to the embodied nature of gender”
(December 2015)