Pious Fashion and Muslim Women
“everyday religious practices…are great places to think about religion
and the impact of religion on the world”
(December 2019)

Islamic Fashion and Appropriation
“what people do is a big part of their religious life”
(October 2019)

Discussing Pious Fashion and Muslim Dress beyond the Headscarf

“Muslim taste-makers are producing pop culture”
(April 2019)


From Museum Exhibit to Protest Symbol
“when you constantly frame Muslims as foreigners and as the enemy…you make violence against Muslims seem logical”
(March 2019)

Religion and Its Publics: The Square
“you need to figure out who you are and who your public scholar persona is”
(June 2018)

Beyond the Veil: Muslim Women’s Fashion
“just as a blue sweater is never just blue, pious fashion is never merely clothing”
(December 2017)

Pious Fashion
“the three photographers see different things because they have different relationships to the practice on the ground”
(December 2017)

Professor Liz Bucar
“why I study what I study? I often start with a moment of surprise”
(October 2017)